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Parting with possessions

  • Bring Antique Furniture Back to Life


    Tips for preserving the integrity of your furniture. When you need to restore a well-loved piece of furniture, consider your options. Are you looking to preserve a museum-quality antique or simply lend new life to a worn but still-functional piece? If your choice is the latter, any good refinisher or upholsterer can do the trick. […]

  • Authenticating Art With Bioengineered DNA: The IP Issues


    Exerpts from Article. Law360, New York (November 2, 2015, 11:43 AM ET) — Recently making the rounds in the media circuit are reports on a fascinating new authentication system that would allow living artists to effectively “sign” their artworks with very small amounts of synthetic DNA. This new authentication system is encompassed more broadly within […]

  • Artists Need to Protect Their Work From Theft


    In the “Selected Collections” of his resume, Irvine, California artist Jeffrey Frisch lists a variety of private buyers of his work and one “Anonymous Thief,” referring to the person who stole one of his sculptures from an exhibition. That’s putting a good face on the fact that the $500 artwork was uninsured, so all that […]

  • Art Forgers Beware: DNA Could Thwart Fakes


    By TOM MASHBERG OCT. 12, 2015 The artist Eric Fischl remembers the time a friend waved a catalog at him to alert him that one of his paintings was up for auction for six figures in London. In reality, the work was a fake, but so convincing, Mr. Fischl said, “I thought I was losing my mind.” Brushes with forgery […]

  • The Case of the Jolly Green Giant and a New Stimulus Plan


    By Maureen Winer Most of us have something that we feel we can not possibly part with, especially when it has deep sentimental meaning. Such is the case of my brother-in-law, Bill*. Bill is an intellectual and has held prestigious positions at a few well-known universities, including one in Baltimore. Bill has established one of […]