PWP offers arm’s-length objectivity in both valuation and advisory capacities. Unencumbered by active or unstated interests in the marketplace, PWP provides independent appraisal reports, fully researched market analysis, and insightful advice you can count on without pressure to sell or consign your property.

Fred J. Winer, ISA CAPP, and Maureen S. Winer, ISA CAPP are the husband and wife team behind PWP. Together, they share more than 50 years experience as personal property appraisers. Fred and Maureen continue to hone their skills through continuing appraisal education courses. They work with a network of trained personal property appraisers throughout the United States and Canada to provide additional expert assistance to their clients.

Fred and Maureen guide their clients with compassion and understanding. They bring to their work a vast amount of expertise along with a deep commitment to excellence. Fred and Maureen have many years of direct work in the appraisal and auction arenas; and possess an in-depth knowledge of relevant, local, regional, and national markets.